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A real story in my practice


One evening in April of 2005, I was called out to a patient’s home in Hale Village to treat his back pain.  I was told that the patient just came out from a  hospital 3 days ago, he stayed in the hospital for 10 days for checking acute, sharp back pain, and  received MRI scanning examination. Finally, he was told there was nothing seriously wrong with him, just musculoskeletal pain  and then he was discharged from the hospital.


During my consultation, the patient got few pain attacks. I found that the patient’s pain was horrible: penetrating, sharp, when the pain came, the patient was shivering. Although I treated many acupoints, the pain can not be greatly relieved. Based on the symptoms I observed, I told the patient’s wife and sons that the patient needs further medical investigation, he probably has gallbladder problem  and other severe problem. Next morning, I phoned the patient's son asking  how his father was  and told him that  his father might have gallbladder stone or pancreas cancer as only theses two conditions can cause such severe sharp pain. The story  finished as follows:
The patient’s son sent me an email, the text of  which is copied  here:
                                                                                                                                                                                                           4th April  2005

   I'm writing on behalf of my family after your visit to my dad Billy last week. We would all like to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful work you did, for your compassion, and for the time you spent actually listening to what his problems were. As you no doubt realised, we felt badly let down by the NHS and it was a great relief to find someone who actually wanted to help.


  We took him in to hospital the night you visited. As soon as we got him there he collapsed and was rushed through. Whiston hospital did more tests on him in the first half an hour he was there than Fazakerley hospital did in his entire ten days there. We were really worried for a time. The last few days though he has made real progress, he is much better. We feel we have you to thank for this. He may not have gone in to hospital without your words. You were also pretty accurate in your diagnosis. The hospital say his gall bladder is the problem, and will need to be removed in the near future.


  Thank you once again. On behalf of my family I would like to say that we think you are a good doctor, but more important than that we also found you to be a good man. We feel we owe you more than you realise, and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone in the future.


Yours sincerely,



An acupuncturist wrote to me about her thoughts  after reading my article published in BAcC News
This is the article published in BAcC News:
About Infertility


                                                                                                                            26 February,2008


 Hi Gaode


Thank you for responding to my request.

I read your article on the introduction of two Tung's Extraordinary Points (published in BAcC News) with interest.  I have a difficult case of infertility/PCOS at the moment and would like to try this technique.

However, under the heading 'Needling technique in treating women's infertility', the following is not clear to me : 'Prick to cause little bleeding in the line betwen inner malleolus and Sp6'......

Does one prick all the way along the line, or only once?  If once, where?  If all the way along,  approximately how far  apart?

I am very keen to try this, but want to get it right!

My thanks  in advance for  your  assistance.

Kind regards
(Note: Hillary is an acupuncturist )
This is my article mentioned in Hillary's email:

                                                                                                                               10 February, 2009

Hi Gaode

I don't know whether you will remember that I emailed you last year to ask for details regarding the precise method of using Tung's Extraordinary Points and other points you recommended to use with them.

I thought I would share my amazement with you at how well they worked.  During 2008, I treated only 3 women who were experiencing difficulty conceiving.  I treated them all as you suggested and all 3 became pregnant!  The first baby arrived on January 19th - a little boy.

Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge and spreading so much happiness!  It has made a huge difference to the outcome of treatment. 

Kind regards

More coming soon